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numbing lotion product

Numbing Lotion

Maximum Strength numbing cream that's really a lotion. It absorbs quickly, rubs off easily, won't interfere with your tattoo and works for hours. The added organic anti-inflammatories help to reduce redness and speed recovery after hair removal. Take the edge off! Relax more - last longer.

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dry oil product

Luxury Dry Oil

Gorgeous oils that are never greasy.  Absorbs quickly and instantly goes to work to help remove wax residue and calm redness after hair removal. Deeply moisturizes everywhere. Goes on with a light citrus scent and then evaporates as it penetrates your skin to leave you hydrated without a lingering smell. Works on hair static and fly aways, too!

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numbing lotion packet

Numbing on the Go

You want and need it because of all of the same wonderful reasons as our full-size Numbing Lotion, but this cute and convenient package allows you to apply anywhere, anytime – On vacation or in a rush, our antibacterial packets are little pouches that pack a punch of anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. Get on with your bad self!

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